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Cargo Fleet Logistics provides several trading and services activities to the supply chain for several sectors, whether manufacturer, distributor, project, supply and apply, maintenance, routing, working-process evaluation, and many other sectors. Also, there are two different specialty teams within the company to serve the Medical Sector and Oil & Gas Sector.
The company core strength is in MENA region especially Iraq and Jordan. Our wide range of experience and through tough times, gave us the visibility in improving efficiency and accuracy of work to reach at highest. Furthermore, our integrity and company structure gave us a core competence to compete within international organization and exceeds their results and goals that impact cost and time within our visibility and traceability plans and actions.

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The company offers a unique service that is very essential to any business around the globe. Starting with planning the source of material with its flow of information and reliability of suppliers and quality of material, in case of a service, a set of protocols and procedures is the standard input for it. Thereafter, the operational procedure for any entity requires a study for action and movement for every station and employee with evaluation forum, which is the core for procedure, time, and cost.


Team of Industrial Engineers

planning, evaluation, execution, sortation, process planning, operation planning, production planning, resources planning, and supplying consultation. Solution & Options; Our professional team will always be at the service to provide instant solution to save time and cost. Also, we provide several options to ease the process along with flexibly of the process for transparency and professionalism.


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transport combination with land, ocean, air, and railway will provide the optimum solution to serve the customer to ensure fastest routing, and cost efficiency. Including cross-shipment, import, export, and in-transit shipment.



special care medicals, DGR, temperature control, and shelf life are the optimum focus in medical and pharmaceuticals supply chain; thereafter, our team are on ground to meet all requirements to deliver the goods in safe and within regulations.



Humanitarian supply chain requires agile (fast and flexible) cargo moving to the place of crises; therefore, our specialists are on ground doing their ultimate best to move the cargo to help people in need in a fast and flexible supply chain.


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S.H.I.E.L.D is a world leading company that specializes in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), which provides various services to provide a safe world from contamination and infection. Our systems have the highest quality in the world with the top standards against microorganisms using the latest environmentally-friendly technologies that comply with international and domestic regulation and laws


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Our trading department is specialized to plan for all imports and exports to/from Jordan, and Iraq including documentation, requirements, legalization, pricing, packaging, storage, and distribution. Furthermore, Aqaba port (or land boarders) can import and export wide range of commodities with variety of transit time, cost, and reliabilities; but in all cases, we choose the best for that we have the best service.


Online Shopping

packing, repacking, lashing, handling, loading, unloading, insurance, inspection, legalization, courier, & fumigation.


We respect humanity & Environment


From biofuels to car sharing, from hydrogen to electricity, from gas to waste fuels, we have adopted in most environmental policies to support the environment to regenerate the Holocene and step-back the Anthropocene. We strive to provide healthy food, safe water to drink, and clean air to breath. We eliminate all wastes and unnecessary resources. In CFL we support all environmental elements from nutrients, water, forest, biodiversity, and climate. This is our first step into keeping our plant stable and our environment to thrive.


CFL approach to human rights, including to the prevention of modern slavery, builds on the dignity of every human being and on the companies’ responsibility to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities surrounding its business activities. This vision goes beyond obtaining a social license to operate it is an integral part of CFL’s identity and its way of doing business. Indeed, we believe that business must respect internationally recognized human rights, as established in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). CFL is committed to maintaining and improving its practices to combat slavery and human trafficking in its operations and supply chain and expects its business partners to respect human rights. We have zero tolerance towards such human rights violations and expect our supply chain to comply accordingly.


Cargo Fleet Logistics code of ethics comply with United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that represent common objectives of sustainable development in today's complex social challenges. These objectives constitute an important reference for the international community and for CFL in conducting its activities within the Countries in which it operates. We are a trade and service providers, we concretely preserve our plant, promoting an efficient and sustainable access to energy for all. Our work is based on integrity and innovation on our unique strengths and skills, on equal human rights and dignity, we understand the diversity as a key value for each human and society, which reflects on our responsibility, integrity, and transparency of our actions.
We believe in the value of each action and build a long-term partnership with the countries and communities where we operate, bringing long-lasting thriving for all.

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